Nicotine Shots

All Fusion Haze E-Liquid is supplied in 0mg. Nicotine Shots are used by the customer to add nicotine to the E-Liquid if needed.

  • 120ml bottles are supplied with 100ml of E-Liquid and 2x 10ml nicotine shots.
  • 30ml bottles are supplied with 20ml of E-Liquid and 1x 10ml nicotine shot.

Adding nicotine shots to the E-Liquid will not dilute it, Fusion Haze is manufactured with this in mind so extra concentrate is added to account for the addition of the nicotine shot.​

MHRA/ECID Registration Information:
18mg (1.8%) ECID: 01806-17-00004
15mg (1.5%) ECID: 01806-17-00005
09mg (0.9%) ECID: 01806-17-00006

Wearing gloves, carefully squeeze the nicotine shot into the bottle of juice. Reseal the bottle and shake well. Ensure the push fit nibs are pressed down fully until you hear a click.